Cargill and FERCAM sign a New Logistics Agreement

In May 2019, FERCAM Logistics signed a new contract with Cargill. This agreement, whose main outcome will involve the processing of 3,000 tons of food products per year, is the latest milestone in the already 30-year partnership between Cargill and FERCAM.

“Cargill is one of our first customers, and we have grown together. Journey after journey, we have succeded in delivering great value to their supply chain”, says Xavier Majem (Country Manager, Spain). The new project will be supported by FERCAM Martorell platform, which recently was awarded with the certification to store and process food products. “We believe in building trust, day after day. Consolidating partners and promoting cross-division collaboration is key to provide valuable solutions to customers as Cargill, while ensuring long-term sustainability”, states Majem.