Comprehensive supply chain management
So that a product can substantially generate added value, it must arrive at the right place at the right time, in perfect harmony with the service offered and the information supplied.
You can consult our logistics experts who are at your disposal to work out on your behalf the most suitable strategies to optimise your procedures, from purchasing to sales, from distribution to delivery, leaving you free to concentrate your energy and your resources on your fundamental production activities.

It happens at times that our personalised logistics projects and services affect the very structures of our customers’ companies. In other cases, instead, they fit in where the assembly line finishes. In any case, while you concentrate on production, we focus on conveying your goods to your customers, assuring you also an efficient and reliable supply of raw materials and finished products, undertaking on your behalf quality control, packaging, personalised labelling, picking, consignment sales, the filling in of accompanying documents and inventory controls.

In every area of trade diverse criteria and procedures are operative and, for this very reason, FERCAM does not propose ready-made solutions, but, together with you works out a made-to-measure proposal for your requirements. Behind every solution proposed there is always one of our logistics experts who, with professional skill and reliability, will be able to help you save your resources and solve your problems.

FERCAM Logistics provides the best response to your requirements
  • flexible processing times
  • innovative ID systems
  • benchmarking and reporting
  • speedy intervention
  • continuous monitoring through KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
  • monthly statistics
  • regular meetings to discuss quality control
  • quarterly executive meetings to discuss current situation
  • multiple platform management raw material procurement logistics
  • distribution logistics for finished products
  • focus on core business
  • supply chain handled by one business partner
  • access to all FERCAM services:
  • optimization of warehouse space (also for seasonal products)
  • spacious logistics centers available
  • computer-assisted monitoring to prevent critical issues
  • continuous quality control

Additional services 
  • sampling
  • qualitative checks
  • repackaging, preparation, personalization
  • reverse logistics
  • pick & pack
  • cutting edge IT systems
  • labelling
  • display systems
  • kitting and customizing
Contract Logistics
Contract Logistics